About us

FHP Company

Freudenberg Household Products (FHP) is a worldwide company manufacturing and distributing Vileda branded household cleaning products in 39 countries. FHP is part of the diversified Freudenberg Group, a CAN$ 7.25 billion privately owned German company employing 30,000 people around the world. In Canada, our star products, like the Bee Mop, the Twist mop, the Fibro-Contact mop and the famous Oskar broom, are distributed at most retailers throughout the country.

Our mission

Freudenberg Household Products offers branded mechanical household products, which make the daily work of the world's consumers and customers more efficient.

Our company organization and spirit will be innovative and multi-cultural, building on trust and integrity, team-spirit and the commitment continuously to seek improvement. We will attract and develop highly talented individuals, offering them a professional environment and entrepreneurial freedom with the necessary minimum of formalized rules.

We expect that the successful execution of our strategies will lead long-term to strong world-wide leadership positions of our brands in terms of profitability and market share - to the benefit of our business, our employees, our shareholders, our customers and the societies we work and live in.

If you are interested to join our team, send us your resume for analysis. Only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.
FHP Sustainability

Passing on to our future generations

Making housework easier and delivering superior services to our customers have been our highest priorities since the launch of the very first Vileda product in 1948: the Vileda Window Cloth. The products our grandmothers used in the past are now used by their grandchildren, but their needs have changed and so have our products: for example our cloth range has been continuously upgraded in terms of performance and durability, allowing now up to 300 wash cycles for our microfiber cloths. Our "Vileda Supermop", which first captured the market in 1973, modified cleaning habits in a lot of countries, and has been improved many times to satisfy changing consumer needs. This cross-generational way of thinking is the basis of our long-term oriented business, and an important part of this is our approach to sustainability.

Sustainability means for us bringing ecological, social and economic values to life every day and we are committed to do business whilst respecting the principles of sustainability. We know we will never be perfect, and we are fully aware that sustainability is an ongoing every day challenge and learning process which has to be continuously implemented and lived in all parts of the company. We do need the support of our suppliers and our organisation to become better. Our long-term commitment and responsibility towards people and the environment is laid down in the Guiding Principles set out by our parent company Freudenberg.

Vileda's roots can be traced back to the history of Freudenberg and its long-term oriented company philosophy. Ever since its first appearance in 1948 the brand Vileda stands for innovative household products of highest quality. We focus strongly on durable and convenient products, developed and produced by using safe materials and state-of-the-art technology. We intend to continue our sustainability approach, namely to live ecological, social and economic values day-to-day, to meet the expectations of present and future generations.